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What does WrightWay Advocacy | The Special Needs Parent Community do?

(Located in Southwest Riverside County - California) 

WrightWay Advocacy | The Special Needs Parent Community (Southwest Riverside County) is an organization that aims to provide disability resources, parent support, education, and advocacy to families of children from birth to young adults that are affected by disabilities. We aim to empower our families to become advocates for themselves, connect with verifiable, dependable, and accessible services, programs, and family supports in their community.

Our Future Outlook

Selina Davis, Founder/CEO looks towards working with established community partners and sponsors to educate the community and organizations on disability awareness and equip our families with the tools and resources needed to access financial, educational, and social services. Selina Davis will do this through monthly parent support groups, community events, and workshops.

Who does WrightWay Advocacy serve?

Selina Davis provides support to mothers, women caregivers, kin caregivers and families currently residing in Hemet, San Jacinto and outlying Southwestern Riverside County Cities and communities that have a child from newborn to young adult, who are affected by all types of disabilities, chronic illness, medically fragile and/or care that is beyond typical caregiving.

What types of services do you provide?

Provide an extensive disability resource database that encompasses local organizations and businesses. These resources can be referred to families who request them.  We are always looking for organizations that catered to the disabled population, to add to our resource database.

WrightWay hosts monthly Parent Empowerment Circle for parents with disabled children or adults. We hold monthly workshops with a variety of topics that are designed to educate, empower, and encourage our families to advocate for themselves.

Programs under WrightWay include Soulum Circle (support specific for moms), workshops for parents and caregivers, and provide online content include self-care planning, how to navigate the "system" and develop supports including respite and in-home health and support advocating retreat called HERally, (Heart, Emotions, Respite, Allies Retreat) a quarterly in person event hosted at a local conference center in the San Jacinto/Hemet Valley area. Future destination retreats include Joshua Tree, San Diego, Ojai, and other beautiful places (now that will be a total community and co-op effort). 

What kind of resources do you offer?

Educational – for families needing IEP assistance, educational advocates, social service programs for special populations, understanding parent rights, public and private school requirements, and laws, etc...

Health – for families needing additional resources on how to apply for waivers, Medicaid eligibility, finding medical services, medical equipment, support coordination, health centers, etc.…

Financial – information on finding funding sources for services, respite, equipment, etc... money management for middle-income households that don’t qualify for Medicaid, money saving options (food pantries, clothing closets, discount retailers, etc...) insurance needs.

How do I request a resource?

To request a resource for your child or adult with a disability please fill out the request resources form.

How does my organization join your resource database?

If you have an organization, that serves the disabled population, and would like to be added to our database, please go HERE.

Do you offer resources outside of your 4 categories?

WrightWay Advocacy’s primary focus is to provide education and resources that will cover the basic areas of need for the special needs population we serve. At this time, We are only able to offer resources in these particular categories related to educational, health and financial. WrightWay Advocacy is a newly opened advocacy coaching business. We hope to apply for special status to become a (501)(c) by Winter 2019 so that we may better serve our local community.

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What areas do you primarily serve?

We primarily provide services for special needs families in the underserved areas of Hemet, San Jacinto, and Southwestern Riverside County.

I live outside of your service area, can you still assist me?

YES! At this time we are able to serve individuals and families living outside of the area with online and virtual social media applications.

Where are you located?

Selina Davis is providing services in her home office, virtually and within the local communities that we serve. Our goal is to be easily accessible to the public through our online site and by hosting our parent support groups, workshops, and community events, in public venues. To locate us, please follow our Programs and Events calendar. Feel free to ask any questions by visiting our Contact Us page. We aim to maintain a good working relationship with other local organizations so that we can continue to provide our mobile outreach. We would love to see you volunteer or participate at one of our events! Volunteers are needed.

What disabilities are included?

We serve Mom and Women Caregivers -  of individuals affected by many primary disabilities, chronic illnesses and medically fragile. This includes, but is not limited to: physical disabilities, hearing and visual impairments, intellectual and learning disabilities, developmental delays, epilepsy, ADHD, and autism. We are an inclusive community. We are building a community.

If you are not familiar with disabilities and would like to get more information please review the IDEA information at

What do you mean by disability and special needs?

There is such a negative stigma around the word “disability” and “special needs”. WrightWay Advocacy is here to help you shake off the shackles of those labels. The term disability is more of a legal term, that assists you in getting services, more access to resources, and a better understanding of how to navigate your experience more successful. It is not your identity. Here at WrightWay Advocacy, we understand that your children and young adults are individuals and are not defined by disability or special need. We aim to help empower and educate families to be self-advocates and effectively access their needs. We use the term “special needs” to draw your attention and interest, as well as, for you to recognize what services we are providing. For more information on understanding special education, please refer to this website:

When are you open?

Selina's office hours are generally from 10am-3pm Mon-Fri. by text. Selina may be reached via Marco Polo also at 951-782-1550. The best way to reach WrightWay Advocacy is via text or email at WrightWay This email account is monitored 7 days a week. Please allow up to 48 hours or to receive a response.

How can I contact WrightWay Advocacy?

You can reach us:


Phone 951-782-1550


Instagram: wrightway_advocacy

FB page:



Press Release

WrightWay Advocacy
Text/Call 951-782-1550
Selina Davis-Parental Advocate Strategist Coach & Owner of WrightWay Advocacy

Advocacy Services and Parent Advocate Coaching coming to Hemet and San Jacinto

Hemet/San Jacinto, CA: On July 1, 2017, local area resident Selina Davis, B.A. is launching a new advocacy practice for parents and guardians with children that have disabilities or require special education advocacy and support via WrightWay Advocacy. Selina Davis is building and supporting local community, families and citizens for advocacy and parental advocate coaching practice.

WrightWay Advocacy provides in person parental special needs support, workshops and advocacy services related to special education and social services programs. WrightWay is a premier autism and ALL special needs family support group in Hemet/ San Jacinto and surrounding areas throughout Riverside County, California. WrightWay also hosts a virtual and online community which mirrors the same services with support videos, webinars, live calls and 1:1 coaching. As well as, in person advocate services.

Selina Davis, mother of three (ages 24, 13 and 12 with a toddler grandchild), became an advocate after finding out her son indeed had severe autism, as she suspected early on in his development. Selina and her family sought treatment for Dominic several years before receiving a medical diagnosis which unfortunately didn't allow for an earlier intervention plan and seeking regional center help. He was not diagnosed until after he entered Kindergarten and she requested an evaluation upon entry to her son's school district. Only after the school district findings of "autism like" behaviors was she able to have his medical diagnosis reevaluated. He was diagnosed in May 2010. The Davis family also has students in most types of educational systems – private, public, charter/homeschool and special education with familiarity with special education practices. In the late mid to late 90’s Menifee USD and currently San Jacinto USD and Hemet USD. Selina has a special place (sweet spot) in her heart to help parents get grounded and focused on advocating for their children. Her programs under WrightWay include Soulum Circle (support specific for moms), workshops for parents and caregivers, and provide online content include self-care planning, how to navigate the "system" and develop supports including respite and in home health and support advocating called HERally, (Heart, Emotions, Respite, Allies Retreat) a quarterly in person event hosted at a local conference center in the San Jacinto/Hemet Valley area. Specialize in Church Ministry Management and Support for Special Needs Families and Inclusivity Related Programs.

WrightWay Advocacy provides a FETA (*see below) style group coaching workshop and retreat so that parents can be coached in researching information, developing advocacy skills, support, guidance and assistance in related matters. We are working to provide FETA Study Group meetings which creates a group setting that will help parents gain knowledge and skills to be effective advocates for their children. Instead of showing their emotions to school officials, parents can bring their problems to the school team and assist the group with sound researched based foundation and actions. Selina would like to see each person that joins in on advocating is receiving comprehensive guidance about how to handle specific problems. From Emotions To Advocacy (FETA*) is a support group aimed at helping children with special physical, learning or behavioral needs. FETA* was designed to help support parents in advocacy. Leave this workshop with skills for bringing your life back into balance and supporting your own needs as well as those of your child. *The FETA style group is in part based on the Wrightslaw Book “From Emotions To Advocacy” is not in any way associated with this business but is a tool in working with our parents in advocating. There will be FREE and low-cost fees for membership and certain events. Selina Davis is also an in-person advocate with the ability to attend school meetings at a cost. However, as a former social services support worker she understands the impact of not having the financial resources to get quality assistance and will charge on a sliding scale in certain instances.

Selina Davis, B.A. owner of WrightWay, is a certified Special Needs Advocate Coach, with Life and Executive Coaching Certification through Certified Coaches Federation, and several other certifications alongside her education in disability studies and management at California Baptist University and University of Redlands.  Contact: 951-782-1550
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