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Of The Spirit Ministry Support for Special Needs Families

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Offers emotional and spiritual resources for the journey of special needs parenting and caregiving. Sharing personal insights as the Parent of a 13-year-old son with special needs, a Certified Life and Executive Coach, former Social Services Administrative Clerk - Selina Davis, B.A. offers twelve encouraging weeks of group and 1:1 support and faith-filled tools to support advocating mothers and/or fathers and ALL caregivers serving to help in families with special needs and differently-abled loved ones. Selina also provides support to the leadership teams and inclusion teams of faith families and churches in which group members are attending.

Adaptive Spirituality Topics

  • gain a deeper, grace-filled understanding of God’s presence in your role of caring for special needs
  • process deeply held feelings of grief and guilt
  • discover strategies for patience, self-care, and healthy relationships
  • find faith, hope, and healing
  • peacemaking
  • having faith during your advocacy roles
  • knowing that there is support for you in your church
  • reaching out to your church
  • minister's role outside of church
  • many other topics with developing in this transfiguration and transformation style group.

Powerful for all participants the built-in reflection and discussion questions make Of The Spirit Ministry for Special Needs Families an ideal, real-life resource for faith groups.

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